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Welcome to FieldGuideAU (also known as Tinder for Animals by the crazy founding team), delivering bio-diversity data via twitter since 3pm, Sunday 5th July, 2015. To get started simply tweet '@FieldGuideAU [your location]'. Dont forget to replace [your location] with your actual location :)!

  • Friday 3rd July, 2015

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our idea was formed on a cold and wintery night at Building 136 at The Australian National University. Little did we know the heights that we could reach within a few short hours...

  • Saturday 4th July, 2015

    FieldGuideAU Emerges

    After hours (literally) of hard and exhausting caffeine-fueled work the FieldGuideAU twitter service emerged. Our initial excitement is dampened by the catastrophic collapse of the Atlas of Living Australia service. Could we recover in time for the deadlines to come?

  • Sunday, 5th July, 2015

    #Govhack2015 Delivery

    Fighting off the disasters of Saturday we deliver a fully functional version of FieldGuideAU. We are eagerly awaiting the Atlas of Living Australia service coming back on line so we can show off the service in all its glory. Watch this space...

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